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          Polyester yarn

          2020-04-26 15:43:38
          Polyester yarn

          Product number: 9131632816

          Product name: Polyester yarn

          The group provides pure polyester yarn with yarn count 7 to 40. Polyester is a kind of polymer synthetic fiber, which is made of water, air, oil coal when these elements are combined to react with acid ethanol. Polyester staple fiber is one of the most commonly used chemical fibers in textile industry. We buy Polyester staple fiber to process produce our polyester yarn. Polyester yarn is strong tough, easy to clean, fast to dry has the characteristics of wrinkle resistance, tensile resistance anti shrinkage water. In addition, the advantages of polyester yarn make it suitable for making fabrics textiles for clothing, home textile industrial purposes.


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          Add:Fengtian Economic Development Zone, Fengxin County, Jiangxi Province, China


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