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          2019-06-05 14:50:25

          With the progress of society  the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for clothing are higher  higher. Now, people  only demand the fashion of fashion, but also the green, environmental  natural fabric. Therefore, advocating low-carbon  environmental protection life linen clothing is naturally respected in the market  loved by many consumers.

          Flax is both familiar  unfamiliar to the majority of consumers. Consumers only know how to wear flax clothing comfortable  natural, but little about the history, culture, origin, characteristics of flax. Let's learn more about the story behind flax.

          Before we know the story behind linen, we should first know what is linen? Flax is woven by twisting flax fiber into yarn. The surface is  as smooth as chemical fiber  cotton, but has vivid concave convex texture. Artists often use flax as a subtle  interesting material beauty. Flax is one of the strongest textiles (except synthetic fiber), which has high strength  is  easy to tear  puncture. Therefore, flax is known as the "Queen of flax" in textiles.

          History of flax

          Flax originated in the Middle East  Mediterranean coast, is an ancient bast fiber crops  oil crops. As early as the Neolithic age more than 5000 years ago, Swiss Lake dwellers  ancient people had cultivated flax  used its fibers to spin clothes,  "mummies" around the country were also wrapped in flax. Oil flax is also called flax, which has been cultivated for at least 1000 years in China.

          Flax culture

          Flax is a kind of green  environmental protection linen. It advocates low-carbon flax life culture,  it is also a form of expression advocating nature  returning to nature. It represents people's desire for green, environmental protection  natural life, as well as the integration of fashion  retro culture.

          Flax characteristics

          Flax fiber is soft, strong, glossy, wear-resistant, small water absorption, fast water dispersion, large expansion rate after fiber moisture absorption, which can make the textile structure tight  impermeable, so it is a good textile raw material. Flax can protect the body, regulate the temperature  other natural properties. At normal temperature, it can reduce the human body's room temperature by 4-8 ℃, which is called "natural air conditioning". The investigation shows that linen underwear can adjust the meridians  endocrine system of human, so it has a calming effect on the central nervous system, so linen fiber is also considered as an excellent health care fabric.

          Flax producing area

          Worldwide, flax is mainly produced in Europe  Asia, France, Netherlands, China, Russia, India, Canada  other countries; domestic flax is mainly produced in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Gansu  other places. When it comes to flax, we have to mention the millennium old town - Zhenze, Wujiang, Jiangsu Province. It is a famous flax ancient town at home  abroad, a famous silkworm holy land,  the famous flax textile  clothing enterprises in China such as Xinshen group. Flax clothing is also popular in the world under the propaganda of Xinshen group, which vigorously advocates flax green culture  creates a brand-new cheap  flax brand. Therefore, the flax clothing brand of Xinshen group "Mayi Fang" is gradually becoming mature.

          the above introduction, we have learned the story behind flax,  believe that more friends will love flax clothes. Finally, let's learn about the taboos  methods of washing linen clothes.

          1. The washing requirements of linen fabric are basically the same as that of cotton fabric, but the soaking time should  be too long. Because the hemp fiber is generally rigid, the cohesion is poor. It should be gently rubbed,  strong rubbed on the washboard, avoid using a hard brush to brush, so as to avoid hair. Pay special attention to ramie clothing, otherwise you will feel itchy  uncomfortable when you wear it again after fuzzing.

          2. After rinsing, it is  allowed to squeeze  dehydrate to prevent hemp fiber  sliding, which will affect the appearance  wear resistance. When drying, the collar  seam of the clothes should be pulled flat  straightened, which can be dried in the sun, but do  expose for too long to prevent fading.

          3. All kinds of stains on linen fabric can be removed in the same way as cotton fabric, but if there are slight cigarette burn marks on linen fabric, it can be removed by wiping with a piece of lemon  then drying in the sun for a while.

          Let people know about flax, contact flax  love flax is our flax people's pursuit.



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