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          Viscose fiber of common use series of main chemical fiber

          2019-02-05 14:50:31

          Viscose fiber

          1. Ordinary viscose:

          (1) Viscose cotton staple fiber with a cutting length of 35-40mm  a fineness of 1.1-2.8dtex (1.0-2.5dan) can be blended with cotton to make fine cloth, Valentine, gabardine, etc.

          (2) Viscose wool type short fiber, cut length 51-76mm, size 3.3-6.6dtex (3.0-6.0dan), can be pure spinning, can also be blended with wool, can be used for tweed, overcoat, etc.

          2. Strong fiber:

          (1) It is an improved variety of viscose fiber.

          (2) Pure spinning can be used for fine cloth, poplin, etc.

          (3) Blended with cotton  polyester to produce all kinds of clothes.

          (4) Alkali resistance is good, the woven fabric is crisp, it will  shrink  deform after washing,  it is more durable.

          3. Viscose wire:

          (1) It can be used for clothing, quilt, bedding  decoration.

          (2) Viscose yarn  cotton yarn interweave, can be used as feather yarn, thread quilt surface.

          (3) Viscose  silk interweave, can be used for Georgette, brocade, etc.

          (4) Viscose yarn is interwoven with polyester  brocade filament, which can be used for crystal color satin, antique fragrance satin, etc.

          4. Viscose filament:

          (1) Its strength is twice that of ordinary viscose.

          (2) It is twisted  woven into cord fabric, which is used for tires of automobiles, tractors  carriages.

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          Add:Fengtian Economic Development Zone, Fengxin County, Jiangxi Province, China


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