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          Introduction of special fiber -- Tencel

          2017-11-01 14:50:50

          Tencel (Tencel) fiber is the trade name of Lyocell fiber produced by British acocdis company. It is registered in Chinese as "Tencel". It is a brand-new fiber produced by solvent spinning with wood pulp as raw material. It has the "comfort" of cotton, the "strength" of polyester, the "luxury aesthetic feeling" of wool fabric, the "unique touch" "soft drape" of silk. It is very tough no matter in the dry wet state. In the wet state, it is a kind of cellulose fiber whose wet strength is much better than that of cotton. 100% pure natural materials, coupled with environmental protection manufacturing process, make life style based on the protection of natural environment, fully meet the needs of modern consumers, green environmental protection, can be called the green fiber of the 21st century.

          In Europe, apart Courtaulds, the company produces Lyocell in the name of Tencel. Lenzing company Akzo company produce Lyocell (filament type) under the name of Lenzing lyocell newcel respectively.

          In Japan, Lyocell's production technology has been introduced by fiber manufacturers.

          At present, there are 15 famous international brands such as diesel DKNY, as well as domestic famous brands such as Yifei, Youngor, manling, Hengyuanxiang Townsville.

          Properties characteristics of Tencel fiber its fabrics

          1. Higher dry wet strength.

          2. The stress-strain characteristic of Tencel is that it has a large cohesive force with cellulose fiber is easy to blend.

          3. The high wet modulus is attributed to the low shrinkage of Tencel fabric. The yarn shrinkage is only - 044%.

          4. High strength is suitable for the manufacture of microfiber. It is suitable for weaving light thin fabrics (80g / m2) heavy fabrics.

          5. Tencel fabric can be processed by pretreatment, bleaching dyeing of traditional cellulose fiber.

          6. The round section good longitudinal appearance of Tencel fiber make the Tencel fabric have silk like luster, excellent handle drape, the clothing has a sense of elegance.

          7. Tencel has the property of fibrillation. Through the control of fibrillation, it can be made into peach skin velvet, sand wash, velvet other fabrics with various surface effects, forming a new aesthetic feeling, which is suitable for developing new fashionable products with new sliver optical variability.

          Application of Tencel fiber products

          (1) Tencel fabric

          1. Huadani (350g / m2) poplin

          60 / 40 blended fabric of 100% Tencel / superfine polyester

          2. Tencel copper ammonia fiber interweaved simulation silk. Light weight (250G / m2) silk is used as upper garment skirt material, etc

          3. Tencel / linen 50 / 50 light thin sports top fabric, hidden striped pattern 100% Tencel heavy weight tower head silk twill, used for dark shirt coat, etc.

          4. 100% Tencel single dyed fabric mixed with silk flax, used as underwear, skirt material, etc.

          5. Tencel / nylon monofilament woven lightweight fabric

          6. Warp weft two-way elastic Huada of Tencel cotton spandex

          Tencel cotton nylon spandex double faced jockey

          7. 's Tencel - mauwada. After finishing, the fabric can obtain the appearance of silk wool

          8. High grade denim - 55% Tencel fiber, 30% coarse twill fiber obtained by melt spinning, 15% cotton fiber

          (2) Industrial fabric products

          1. High quality work clothes, protective clothing, for labor protection in harsh environment.

          2. Printing blanket, coating substrate, flame retardant fabric other industrial products with high strength stable moisture absorption.

          3. Ground warp is Tencel's velvet, towel other cashmere fabrics, with good moisture absorption hand feel.

          4. Used for sewing thread (Tencel yarn), tire cord, etc.

          5. Light thin disposable sanitary products, such as binding materials, wipes, diapers, medical fabrics.

          6. High strength, deformation free heat stable products. Such as coated substrate.

          7. Synthetic cellulose nonwovens with high strength, purity, no peculiar smell chemical composition.

          8. Cigarette filter.

          9. Special paper.

          10. Decorative products. In the United States, the more popular medium heavy weight denim work clothes, colored woven fabrics, chambray cloth, thin heavy weight pants, shirt fabrics, circular knitted fabrics, heavy weight pants. In Western Europe, plain, printed fabrics, denim overalls, Outerwear, woolen knitwear, plush fabrics, hand knitted yarn, furniture fabrics industrial fabrics.

          Production process of Tencel Fiber

          Tencel fiber production process is a spinning process using N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO) solvent. The specific method is to directly mix cellulose pulp with N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO), add additives (such as CaCl2) antioxidants (such as PG) to prevent the oxidative decomposition of fiber in the process of dissolution, adjust the viscosity of solution improve the performance of fiber. Control the water content to be less than 133% to make it insoluble. The solution was dissolved at 85-125 ℃ to obtain a higher concentration. After filtration defoaming, the solution was spun by wet dry method at 88-125 ℃, then solidified in low temperature water-soluble water / NMMO system. After stretching, washing, degreasing, drying solvent recovery, the Tencel fiber was made.

          NMMO can be recycled in manufacturing engineering, so it will bring harm to the earth's environment.

          Washing method of Tencel products

          When washing the clothes that are easy to shrink, such as wool knitted corset, please adjust the washing machine to the weak circulation position for washing, the time should be too long. If the instructions say that warm water is to be washed, wash as directed.


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