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          Some concepts of chemical fiber spinning methods (2)

          2015-04-01 15:35:21

          In addition to conventional solution spinning  melt spinning methods, there are also some special spinning methods in order to make chemical fibers have special effects  dyeing properties:

          1. Composite fiber spinning composite fiber spinning method is to make two  two kinds of spinning fluids with different chemical composition  concentration through a spinneret with a special distribution system at the same time. Before entering the spinneret hole, the two components are separated  each other  do  mix with each other. At the moment of entering the spinneret hole, the two liquids contact, solidify  stick to form a filament, thus forming a composite fiber with two  more different components. The fibers spun by this method can be divided into parallel type, skin core type  dispersion type.

          2. This method is to use non-circular spinneret hole to produce different cross-section shape of profiled fiber. There are triangle, Y-shaped, star shaped  hollow fibers.

          3. Colored fiber spinning this method is to add appropriate first color agent into the spinning melt  solution of chemical fiber,  then directly make colored fiber after spinning. This method can improve dyeing fastness, reduce dyeing cost  reduce environmental pollution.

          In addition, phase separation spinning, gel spinning, emulsion  suspension spinning, liquid crystal spinning  other spinning methods are also available.

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