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          Classification characteristics of polyester staple fiber

          2015-03-04 10:50:52

          Generally speaking, polyester staple fibers on the market are divided into three categories: large chemical fiber, medium chemical fiber  small chemical fiber.

          Large chemical fiber: short fiber spun  PET chips  melt directly. Good color, large batch number, strong  stable, few defects, good spinnability

          Medium chemical fiber: it is spun with PET chips  with pet recycled. The price  quality are between the big  the small (mainly some textile factories are used to improve the competitiveness with the big  the small)

          Small chemical fiber: spinning with pet. The price  quality are  in the same order, so they are suitable for export to some markets  fields  the quality requirements are  too high (such as fillers, etc.)

          Generally speaking, there are basically no defects in the short fiber spun by slicing. The fiber is uniform in thickness, smooth in surface,  soft in hand (but  to use the short fiber, there is a difference between adding silicon   adding silicon in the coarse generation). If you pull it by hand, the general strength ratio of slicing is better, the batch number is large, there is no color difference,  the physical index is uniform.

          Generally, the batch number of short fiber produced by small chemical fiber  regenerated raw material is small, the same algebraic hand feel is  as good as that of large chemical fiber (except after treatment), there are many defects, occasionally uneven thickness, over length generally exists objectively,  the physical index of conventional recycled material is slightly poor (strength, etc.)


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