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          Introduction of new fiber -- Lycra

          2015-02-04 14:30:42

          Lycra is a product name of a kind of man-made elastic spandex fiber invented  produced by DuPont company. It is a polyester spandex produced by dry spinning. Its fiber is composed of flexible  rigid segments. It is this molecular structure that endows Lycra with excellent extensibility  elastic recovery performance. Lycra can stretch to 4-7 times of its original length, with a recovery rate of 100%. Compared with rubber, Lycra has longer  longer elasticity,  is 1 / 3 lighter in weight. It can  be used alone,  can be interwoven with any other man-made  natural fiber. It does  change the appearance of the fabric, is an invisible fiber, can greatly improve the performance of the fabric. At present, Lycra has been widely used in various fields of textile production,  its application in the clothing industry is also very broad;  light  thin underwear to heavy outerwear,  sportswear to fashion suit, etc.


          Characteristics  application of Lycra

          (1) , fiber  its application

          Lycra is in the form of dull white, translucent  transparent filament with a fineness of 11 dtex-1880 dtex. Lycra silk of various fineness is mainly used in: transparent silk socks; circular knitwear (underwear, sportswear); leg protection socks; narrow belt belt; women's underwear  swimwear warp knitted fabrics; medical articles (flannelette, bandages, etc.); footwear, etc.

          (2) . yarn form

          Lycra is mainly in the form of core spun yarn / wrapped yarn / covered yarn  naked silk.

          Core spun yarn / wrapping yarn / wrapping yarn has the appearance  handle of covering fibers (such as cotton, wool, silk, etc.)  has excellent elasticity. This kind of yarn is widely used in all kinds of fabrics.

          Lycra naked silk has good dyeing performance  wearability. Lycra naked silk is commonly used in knitted underwear, socks, bandages, sportswear, etc. Lycra will stretch  thin when it is used in transparent stockings  other products, which shows more attractive clothing

          (3) , application in fabric

          Lycra has outstanding stretch. For knitwear, its multidirectional extension is determined by the fabric itself. Lycra brings only the elasticity of stretch  recovery. Woven fabrics are malleable only in the direction of weaving into Lycra, such as warp (straight)  weft (horizontal).

          1. In woven fabrics

          Lycra is used for warp yarns,  the fabric has elongation in the longitudinal direction; for weft yarns, the fabric will have transverse elasticity; if Lycra is used in both warp  weft yarns, the fabric will have bidirectional elasticity.

          2. In knitwear

          In weft knitted fabric, Lycra naked yarn is used for light flat knitting fabric; Lycra covering yarn is used for hosiery, cuff of knitted pullover, etc.; core spun yarn is often used for light flat knitting fabric for knitted pullover  underwear; wrapping yarn is often used for rib machine.

          Lycra is mainly used in warp knitted fabric to increase the extensibility of the fabric, so that clothing has excellent applicability  comfort.

          3. In narrow fabric

          Narrow band fabric is widely used in underwear  clothing belt. Lycra provides high-performance stretch for long-lasting  comfortable ribbon fabrics. It can be used for the production of thin  exquisite modern super light lingerie decorative belt, improving  maintaining its shape  figure.


          (4) Advantages of Lycra in clothing

          1. Very elastic   easy to deform

          Lycra can enhance the elasticity of fabric. It can be used in combination with various fibers. No matter it is natural  artificial fiber, it will  change the appearance  texture of fabric. For example, wool + Lycra fabric  only has good elasticity, but also has better fit, shape retention, drapability  wearability after washing; Cotton + Lycra fabric  only has the advantages of cotton fiber comfort  air permeability, but also takes into account the good elasticity  non deformation characteristics that cotton does  have, making the fabric more fit, fit, soft  comfortable. Lycra can add unique advantages to clothing: comfortable fit, freedom of movement  long-term shape.

          2. Lycra can be used for any fabric

          Lycra can be used in cotton knitted fabrics, double faced wool fabrics, silk poplin, nylon fabrics  different cotton fabrics.

          3. Lycra comfort

          In recent years, people who love fashion are oppressed by the busyness  competition of the city. They don't want to be bound by the clothes they wear every day. They need to be unified with comfort while maintaining proper dressing. Lycra's clothing, with the characteristics of comfortable fit  freedom of movement, meets the needs of people in contemporary society.

          4. Lycra's influence on style

          Close fitting clothing does  feel tight; clothing has a degree of tension, fit without restraint, with better drape; children's clothing is full of vitality, can jump freely after wearing.

          5. Design features of Lycra

          Whether loose  narrow body design, the same comfortable  natural; no wrinkle,  too loose,  perfect fit, fully reflect the simple beauty; always close to enjoy.

          Processing  maintenance performance of products containing Lycra

          Lycra has good processability  maintenance performance. Lycra is resistant to the treatment of most commonly used chemical reagents. Lycra containing fabrics can be dyed, printed  finished in accordance with most of the processes of other fibers manufactured together. Lycra products are easy to maintain. If there is no special instructions, you can use the washing method required by most fiber components in the fabric. Lycra can be washed with ordinary laundry soap  detergent, but chlorine bleach  strong alkali should be avoided.

          Popular analysis of Lycra

          Looking back on the history of clothing development, it is  difficult to find that the rise of elastic fiber  the popularity of Lycra are  only the product of the development of science  technology, but also a good interpretation of the spirit of the times  civilization. Lycra's flexible, comfortable  fit performance to products caters to the simple  bright design style of modern clothing  the pursuit of comfortable, casual, convenient  convenient modern lifestyle for leisure sports. Clothing, like human knowledge  education, shows people's mind. The application of Lycra fabric in clothing  only integrates the unique cultural connotation of modern life  modern clothing, but also creates a revolutionary popular concept.

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